Thank you!

I am so tickled to finally be releasing our new Website!  I hope all our current customers are proud to see some familiar faces with all the great photos we have.  All the photos are real live customers at their homes or offices and real life employees!


I want to thank everyone who took of their time to help us put together all the photos and all the kind words they have to say about Live Clean, Inc.  

Customers….. there is so much to say about so many people.  I have been cleaning homes and offices for over twenty years and yes, some of our customers have been with me all the while!  My devotion to their families or businesses and their loyalty to our services are truly an awesome experience.  I have watched these families raise their kids, kids have married and left home, grandkids have arrived, spouses have passed away, and illnesses have taken over, businesses have expanded and some have cut back.  The blessings I receive from just watching "life" happen over the years are immeasurable.  A home is such a "special reverent" place for every family.  There is so much "life" going on all the time inside a home.  From both extremes of true joy to true sorrow, I have been fortunate to be part of "life" for so many families.  This is what is "reverent" inside my heart.  I do not take lightly "taking on a customer".  I know what it really means to be trusted by someone to enter their home, their "reverent place".  It brings a smile to my face to know that on their "cleaning day", everyone comes home and they have a deep breathe of relief knowing their home has been pulled together once again from this thing called "life".  Absolutely, my pleasure!

A big thank you is extended to all our long time customers who have shared their "life" by opening their doors to me and my staff.  





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